The Woman Before Me

The woman before me knew What I could only grasp Years spent reaching Stretching my heart wide open

But she knew inherently And showed me in action Inspired me through energy And the rest was up to me

I learned the dance Was no dance at all Authenticity was breathed Sincerity poured

From my pores and my heart Who I was leapt forward I didn’t need to try She was already within me

Her blood in my veins Her wisdom in my soul Bereft of needs I could now soar

Love deepened my roots So my branches would grow Guts and compassion spilled on the table My being could thrive

No need to measure Competition a dead end Who she is was more than enough And so my life could truly begin

The woman before me Knew what I could only hope I am whole I am her, more than enough



Today is special. It marks the birth of my beloved nonna, my maternal grandmother Paola. She is truly one of the greatest gifts in my life, the woman before me I hope to carry into my present and future as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. I cannot thank her enough or properly put into words what her love meant to me. For 30 years I witnessed her authentic being shine, generously giving unconditional love to us all, without expectation or need for return. She is love and therefore she effortlessly lives it and shares it with all who cross her path. She is funny, fierce, vibrant, forgiving, encouraging, and one of the most authentic souls I’ve ever seen roam this Earth. I’m happy to know her, better for being her granddaughter, and exceedingly proud to have her blood coursing through my veins. And she is the best damn cook this planet has ever seen.

I love you, Nonna. Can’t wait for my own son to feel your love and I hope he one day sees the same light from your eyes shining through mine.