Dani Marie Robinson

Who is Dani, really? 

Dani (Danielle) is a native Floridian who bounced her way to Italy, NYC, Chicago, and now Los Angeles. She is a traveler's spirit wrapped inside a true homebody. She has a thirst for knowledge -particularly information about the body, the gut, the heart, and the mind. Her own experiences with anxiety, depression, coping with pain and life's challenges, and her naturally inquisitive nature, led her to delve into Yoga while studying Psychology in college. Since, her practice and love for Yoga has only deepened, and continues to every day. After giving birth to her son, Bodhi, Dani's passion for the therapeutic side of Yoga (specifically meditation, Yin, Restorative, Post-Natal and rehabilitative practices) has grown exponentially and she is inspired as ever as she shares what she knows and loves with her classes and clients each week.

Dani's always been a bit quirky, had an odd and referential sense of humor, and very little filter. Growing up with a love of stand-up comedy, sketch, and satire, along with being raised amidst a very sarcastic family, led to Dani becoming a feisty, enthusiastic, and strong woman. She aims to take her work very seriously while towing the fine line of not taking herself seriously. Enter: her sense of humor. Dani grounds herself and lets her students know from the get-go she is merely a work in progress, doing her best, occasionally messing up, but mostly living as a loving, joyful, bold human being who sincerely wants to share what she knows with the world. Her knowledge plays second fiddle to her desire to truly connect with people and help make their lives a little easier. She loves her job, her tribe of close loved ones and animals, hiking and all things outdoors, comedy and entertainment, and food. She loves food. She'll reference food early and often in her classes. She may or may not have a sugar problem. 

Several years ago, a kind student in one of Dani's classes in Sicily told her they admired how she seemed to "eat life." Dani was humbled and delighted by the remark, and has since made it her life's intention to be a full-fledged life eater. She is never not hungry and is so grateful to rise each day with the chance to take a big beautiful bite out of life. 


Who she is on paper...

Self Employed Yoga and Pilates teacher since 2008
AFAA certified mat Yoga and Pilates teacher in Bitburg, Germany 2007
Began teaching Hatha and Hatha Flow in Sicily 2008
200 hour RYT training at Sonic Yoga in NYC 2010
500 hour e-RYT training at Mukti Yoga in Bali, Indonesia 2013
Taught Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga as well as Pilates in Chicago from 2010-2015
Teaching Yoga at Yoga Vibe & Yoga Vibe at the Village, Black Dog Yoga, Yoga Bliss, contributes to teacher trainings at the Vibe and BDY, as well as Mukti Yoga School. Dani also loves leading Yoga Hikes all around the Los Angeles area.

Continuing education within Yoga includes: Chakra Vinyasa 50 hour intensive; Tantra Kriya 50 hour intensive; Chakra balancing 25 hour module; Anatomy, Alignment & Adjustment 25 hour module; Yin & Restorative 25 hour module; Yoga for Athletes 25 hour module

Relevant workshops include: Pre/Post-Natal Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation, Arm Balances & Inversions, Hip opening & Leg balancing, Spinal health, Backbends, Partner Yoga, AcroYoga

Received her Bachelors degree in Pyschology from the University of Central Florida in 2006. Has since completed coursework with Applied Psychology for Yogis, and completed a Veteran's Yoga Project teacher training in July, 2016. 

Freelance Writer/ Creative Nonfiction Writer since 2010 -Correspondent for RYOT News -Wellness Expert for MindBodyGreen, check out the archives! -Blogger for the Travel Yogi -Contributor to Spirituality & Health Magazine

Featured Blisscrafter interviewed by Rock Your Bliss

Ambassador for Manduka Yoga

Life eater for almost three decades!




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