Feel it. The thing you don’t want to feel. Feel it. And be free.
— Nayyirah Waheed

So this has been my practice as of late (per the insightful guidance of my superb therapist). My post partum transition has been emotional, to say the least. Despite the fact that I feel as if I've moved to another planet, I placed unfair expectations on myself (do you do this? Don't, it's abusive. We can help each other) and expected to flow through new motherhood with an even keel and energized body. Well that ain't most people, and it certainly ain't me.Part of my difficulty came from me feeling a certain way, and then feeling guilt or judgment over feeling that way. I never just felt it. I swam in the insidious waters of self loathing and criticism, but rarely just paused and felt the totality of sensation, emotion and experience of that specific moment.And that's precisely what the bodymind (our integrated being) needs to do and feel, exactly what we're fricken feeling! Without labeling, telling ourselves what we should or shouldn't feel, just listening deep within, into the murky, uncomfortable pit that flows in the pool of the gut.As I practice(d) this, I feel more acceptance of my humanity, of being a work in progress, of being a very sensitive soul, and of being a well intended but sometimes flawed and confused momma person. And the more softness I gave to myself, the more forgiveness I felt in my heart, the more apt I became at navigating through the rough waters, back to the calm, still deep of my inner essence. When you feel angry, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, etc., rather than chastising yourself, distracting yourself or avoiding your feelings, go further into the experience. Take a 2-3 minute sanity break, get quiet and still, and just listen. Observe intently. Describe all the feels. Feel all the feels. Let your whole self go there. And then watch yourself transfer into the next moment. Try this and let me know how it goes.It's helping me. I hope it helps you too.Love & Namaste