All I ever wanted was a relationship.Not marriage. Not a suburban family. Not a status symbol. Not something to complete me. Not something to replace me. Not something to sedate me. Not a ring. Not a wedding. Not a meal ticket. Not a steady. Not a political opinion. Not a spiritual leader. Not a father. Not a protector. Not a director. Not a roommate. Not a dead weight. Not a suit. Not a squatter. Not a target. Not a backboard. Not a mirror. Not a register. Not a trophy. Not a cheerleader. Not even a believer. I want someone to show me the world through their eyes. Someone with a different color in their sky. Someone to laugh with. Someone to chew with. Share a brew with. Someone who elevates me. Someone to elevate with me. Someone whose happiness diminishes self-doubt. Someone whose contentment inspires my own. Someone with whom to roam. A catalyst for courage. An artistic thinker. A fun drinker. An impassioned lover. Someone who uplifts my character. Someone to challenge my level of integrity. My level of humility. Someone to withstand my civility. Not two halves become a whole. Simultaneously two, and One. Second to none. Someone to appreciate irony. Someone warm to lie with me. Someone to patiently evolve with. I know what love is. I can smell it. I’ve seen it. It’s listened to me. Embraced me. Tasted me. It knows me. I breathe it in. Let it out. I know now. I’m free.