I am not one that gives credence to superstition, astrology, or numerology. I’m fairly fact based, über logical, teetering on unromantic. Boy what love will do to drastically morph your perspective. I do believe there is no reality, there is only perception. And how I perceive the world, and days like today, changes depending on my current physical and mental state. I’m drawn to Yoga and the unique manifestations inspired by Love because of how it’s reformed me; a recovering cynic, someone plagued by their own expectations, the worry I’ll never meet them, and the vicious cycle of placing them on myself time and time again. Where will I be by this date? This age? This stage? This page? It doesn’t matter. What matters, of course, is where I am in this moment. And if in this moment, I’m corrupted by the soul squandering thoughts of disappointment and self-doubt, then how am I possibly affecting my world? Not well, or certainly not well enough. So, Yoga allowed me to relax, dip into the ooey gooey, lovey dovey parts of me I was too fearful to extract on my own, so I let people and practice do it for me. Like most of us, I place importance on uplifting my friends, encouraging them in a way I can’t seem to turn on myself. They of course give that right back to me, but why can’t we give it to ourselves first, truly, genuinely live by example, through the love of self? Intellectually I know I’m worthy of love, otherwise it would lead to a lack of standards in my external life, in how I allow others to treat me and treat those I love. And so I’m recognizing how relationships are teachers in the school of treatment. We get what we give and slowly I’m opening to treating myself how I treat others and how they treat me. I hope we all can do the same.

We all have significant numbers in our lives. I’ve mentioned in a previous article that mine is 22; interestingly enough a multiple of 11, a double-digit repeat, and a number more readily seen in the western world of digital clocks and a love of sports. 11 conjures up a mixture of emotions. Coincidence often predicates significance. Instead of placing too much importance on fatalism or these random occurrences, I choose to let them remind me to love and be grateful. Those reminders are never bad, never overlooked.

Perhaps the truth of today is the emphasis on the number 1. All numbers are divisible by one and when multiplied by one the result is itself. Many conscious beings on this planet, regardless of the deity they choose to believe or derive inspiration, adhere and adorn a universal truth: Everything is One, We are all One. It is in this vein, in this truth, that I write today. I feel more deeply connected to humans and other sentient beings today than I have any previous day, this having little to do with 11-11-11, and more to do with the epiphanies and revelations I’ve had on my journey to this point. Like a trek, climbing Mount Everest, I stop at base points to restore and reflect on what I’ve acquired up to now. Today is an opportunity to hold, ponder, breathe deeply while still, listen profoundly while silent, allow the past to sink in and the future to unfold while being one with presence.

I woke up this morning, unable to speak, frustrated for a moment and then empowered by other facets of communication. I will smile as I usually do and connect in the greatest way nature gave me, in a sincere recognition of one’s presence, a notion of gratitude and an inherent knowledge of giving and receiving Love.

I am One. I am All. You are Love. So am I. We are One. Love One. Love All. One Love.

Numbers mean nothing Sentiment is contrived emotion To feel deeply, let go To experience love, give

Where are we going? Where’s the value in doing? Significance is determined by perception Dream the result of conception

We underappreciate being Overappreciate speaking Disrespect stillness Negate realness

What is my real voice? Where do I belong? I am at once all and none You, Me, Him, and She. We’re ONE.