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Subliminal Thoughtfulness

How many roses does it take to earn the next 364 days off?Or at least until your birthday. The day of your upcoming promotion. The day you’re fed up with commotion. Or the lack thereof. The dearth of real love. Is that when I buy you something? To remind you to stay, settle, remain. What size diamond gets me out of thoughtfulness? How much must I spend to defray the awfulness? Flowers die and smell in front of your face but they’re $50 today. I love you 50 dollars worth today. How much do you love me today? Power tool? A round of golf? A homemade gourmet meal? Sex? With the lights on? Oral? What must I do to earn this shiny thing the commercial reminded you to buy? Sky writing? Public display of foolishness? Proclamation of love outward? Will you still love me tomorrow? Will you give in to me? Sin with me? Do anything to win with me? Must you love me in fragments of time? With the right amount of wine. Outside this structure it’s back to normal. Back to reality. Back to forgetfulness. Hell and sexuality. Where you earn your time with me. Status quo blends with mediocrity. It’s not about who you are, but what you give. How you play the game. Relegated to the same. Same three days a year with contrived adoration. An exchange program. Prostitute and pimp. You spend money for. One evening with a whore. 360 with a lady. You got what you gave me. I withheld. You delivered. I gave. You took. Two crooks. Cooked the books. Love is unrecognizable. Stripped away. Wrecked with decay. Defined by profit. 80 billion dollars a year. To prove what? We’re all sluts. Love is not pink. Gold. Brazen. Bold. Its quiet. Personal. Consistent. Loyal. Invigorating. But no one has to know. Uplifting. Without a need to show. Giving. From each side of the row. Fuck propriety. Love defined by society. A culture of need. Sometimes greed. Me. Me. Me. What do you see? Someone with nothing to give. But willingness to live. To survive and thrive. Together. Forever. Come get rowdy. Loud with me. Make noise in the crowd with me. Create a new kind of Love. Everyday. In our own way. Keep the flowers in the ground. The diamonds in the soil. Love with a new sound. Depth can never spoil. You’ll come home and we’ll play. Like any other day. A day full of wonder. Pleasure. Timelessness. Commercial-less. Nothing forced. Treasure. The heat of our breath. The rhythm of each heart. The gift is each moment together. One with all who love, never apart.