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How You Like Me Now?!

How You Like Me Now? No, I’m not being arrogant, save that for another time. That is my song suggestion to you, dear reader. A truly badass anthem you may, or may not, have heard while watching the David O’Russell film The Fighter (like the director name drop?). The perfect open and close for a really great movie (no this isn’t movie of the week, but you should see it if you haven’t). Mark Wahlberg walking down the streets, throwing right and left hooks into the air, looking like a grade A mothafucka to this wickedly riffed, written and performed song by a purely unique, inter-racial band called the Heavy.

The first time I heard this song I loved it, not just liked it, LOVED IT! I try not to overuse exclamations and capitalized letters but this is serious. I immediately moved, spoke, evoked swagger, which I’m already known for, but this was different. I had a soundtrack to my swagger! Nothing will pull you out of Chicago’s winter, fatty, dessert obsessed, cloud covered funk than a funky song you can stroll to the El with. It’s nearly impossible to place this song and/or band in a specific genre. It single-handedly with this song sounds like so many things you’ve loved and yet something entirely new and fresh in 2 bars. Rock/funk/swag/? I think they’ve created a new genre and I hope others follow suit, because it’s certainly worth emulation and is a catalyst for inspiration.

Upon listening, I immediately began implementing this tune into my class playlists (I also teach a little yoga, for the readers other than my Mom) which always garner questions, as I try to steal music taste from others and market it as my own to whoever will humor me. Like the Black Keys, I can’t push this song enough on other people. No one likes a pushy salesman, and I get that, but I’m merely spreading joy, championing a cause. And that cause is get out of your rut and find the How You Like Me Now attitude. I quite literally put this song on repeat when I’m walking to work. It gives me a false sense of confidence that, I hope, will turn into actual confidence. Whether real or simulated, the song simply makes you feel good, feel strong, feel ALIVE. This is also a well-timed song that can be an added F You to Al Quada. How you like us now? We're back! For independent and collective badasses to enjoy and feel pumped up.

I believe this song is on a commercial or two now, and to that I say, well done, advertisers, well done. It draws you in with horns, horns! Then adds a distinctive guitar riff, which I’m always a sucker for, and then some equally brilliant drum licks. Pile on the psychotically exquisite lyrics sung with vigor by the band’s lead singer, the purveyor of swag himself, Swaby. Swaggy name right there.

I’ve provided the video below. It’s a fun, humorous, half animated, half live-action, Little Red Riding Hoodesque short story with the perfect musical accompaniment. Three and half minutes of heaven. Get your swag on!

Listen. Listen again. Dance. Don’t be uptight. Let the song bring the fun out of you.

How you like me now?! You’re welcome.