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Only You

The only aspect to life that is truly sustainable is the love you have within you.People are beautiful, but like you, they’re mostly concerned with their own well being, their own expression, their own fulfillment. You must support yourself, uplift yourself, give to yourself and others what you need to sustain, remain, let go of shame, stop complaining and eliminate blaming. We are multi-faceted, so the goodness you see in yourself and others does not manifest how you’d imagine. This feels disappointing, lonely, confusing. But the other who’s utilizing communication only for their gain, only for their podium of arrogance or vomit, their ironic misappropriations, their moronic denigrations, can only serve to limit themselves and create space between who they are and who they could be. It’s difficult to remember the oneness we all possess. It’s even harder to give yourself what you feel no one else can, because you want it in the form of connection. We all are just on a quest to fulfill needs. We’re all pimps and prostitutes within the same breath. We buy into something, and aim to sell another. Very few are your real brothers and mothers. There is so much goodness, but its direction is erratic and mostly it’s used to self-serve. Serving others for their predetermined response is not selfless. It’s dangerous. This world, no matter how we all try or seem to know the truth, fosters and rewards the negative, the status quo, and the planets below. Solitude is imperative, an independent freedom from thought. Thought within self, and the incessant stream of thought expressed by another, by every other and their mother and brother. But not your brother. We must want sincerely the contentment and awakening of others, but only concern ourselves with enlightenment within. The responsibility to be good lies in one human being. Nothing anyone else does to you carries meaning. Only how you perceive it. Only the way you digest it. And manifest it. Only you are responsible. Only you are in control. Only you have the power. But that power lies within you. It must be extracted and exuded with care and with zero expectation. You must place your hopes and dreams on you and you alone. No one owes us a thing. Even your mother. Your brother. Your friends. No matter your contribution. No matter your level of nourishment. No matter your investment. Give to give and then let it go. Even if no one will ever know. Let go. Not because of obligation do you give your best self. Not because of imagination do you pursue idealism. Not because of expectation do you act out of generosity. Nor should you simply hoard these facets of goodness because of perceived scarcity. Because of an assumed lack in positive retaliation. Because of a current stagnation. It is in these moments, you should seek solitude and reconvene with your better self. It is here that you realize goodness cannot be contained. It will suffocate, implode. Allowing negativity to explode, project. Debris for miles. Destroyer of smiles. All because of contrived generosity, phony care and disingenuous kindness. Because of blindness. One must not be discouraged by the pervasive mediocrity. Only you can rise. Exhibit prosperity. Showcase charity. Only you can be courageous. Hoping it’s contagious. Only you can make giving into a living. Only you can translate being into seeing. Only you can live in alignment with truth. Only you can find a noble pursuit. Only you can embody joy. Appreciation. Enthusiasm. Only you can choose your frequency. One with the flow, life’s apparent sequencey. Only you can Love in the way you need. Only you can be fully realized. You are the growth and the seed. Only you can merely, simply, potentially; not eventually, but essentially, Be.