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Who Are You, Really?

Who are you, really?I am just a woman in search of a satisfying breath A moment where I mistake myself for no one but a kindly beating heart I don't question my path or my intentions I no longer doubt my worth or intuition I am in it Owning it Sharing it Declaring it But in truth I am still just a searcher I do crave meaning Question unyieldingly Wishing for the best While mentally preparing for the worst I feel loved But can't be sure if I'm liked And I feel guilt for any of these ridiculously egoic thoughts But they're there And so I search I explore I implore I inquire I hypothesize I analyze Refusing to abide Or buy into Anything Stridently in quest But I must yield And not forget The answer is here Plain to see It's you It's me That's all there needs to be I'm called to be a good woman My purpose is to love And love well And good With hard laughs And great sex And long hugs And earth made drugs The universe needs me to give And be compassionate In big and small ways Through late nights And early days My microcosm deserves an even better me I will only grow, accept and properly digest Good fortune and success Once I'm square with me All the beauty And all the beast Everything I am And all I'll never be Must live in a content place inside me More accepting of me More tolerant of you More forgiving of my past More trusting of our future Better wife Better roommate Better sister Better daughter Better friend Better loved one True to me Receptive to anyone Who I am, really, is A sweet girl And a feisty woman Who wants to be loved And to love And to feel at peace Without striving and strain Just thriving Vibing To be