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A reality show worth watching: So You Think You Can Dance

It pains me to admit my life has become almost too busy for television. I'm a fan. I'm certainly not too cool to watch or own a TV and I've long stated my difficultly in relating to those who shun it. In many ways there are higher quality pieces of art in those beams of light than on the Silver Screen, canvas or stage in this country. Of course this isn't always the case, just simply stating there are a few good shows out there and one is So You Think You Can Dance. Life has a sense of humor because it always seems to make a hypocrite out of me. My 18 jobs and random schedule have led to the dissolution of my and Sam's (the Samsung television whose radio waves I intercept) tightly woven bond. I do my best to focus on quality over quantity as you've read me describe in many restaurant reviews and it is no less true in the pursuit of art. There is no American Idol, Keeping up with the Kardashians or Two and a Half Men in my DVR; but rather a hodge-podge of quirky delights like Children's Hospital, Conan, Breaking Bad (fine-tuning my review of that AMC gem currently) and one of the very few reality and/or reality competition shows worth it's salt: SYTYCD.

Avid readers will cite the previous fantasy tangents in which I explain my deep love and appreciation for everything dance. I don't believe in regrets. Every decision has led me to this moment, writing on my computer; however, I wish I'd stuck with dance when I was younger because there's this dark heaviness in my gut that yearns to pursue some feeble means toward 15 minutes of fame just to potentially join bodies in a dance with Derek Hough. Dancing with the Stars has some major flaws. I mostly fast-forward through the mindless chit-chat and background to watch the best dancers, but Derek makes that show worth watching. He's the most incredible choreographer and exudes such charisma and raw sexuality I simply cannot look away. The best dancers and performers do this. But (as usual), I digress.

Watch both of these beasts kick your heart's ass!

Right, SYTYCD. I've been a loyal viewer of the program since it's beginning, when the strange woman with copious amounts of facial and body surgery hosted and there was only a Top 10. Since that time, I've evolved with the show, both as a dancer and as a woman, and I've witnessed some of the most beautiful pieces of mastery in motion that have literally rendered me breathless. I get time away from my own thoughts by letting the aptly chosen music, ingenious choreography and profound artistry of the dances take me over and somehow catechize me how to feel.

Not only does this competition showcase some of the best undiscovered talent this country has to offer, but it also broadens the mind of the audience by exposing all genres of dance from all around the world. You begin to soak in the dance vernacular, become familiar with the most respected choreographers in the business, and witness the force that is the highest athleticism with elite creativity. I thought I loved dance before (So You Think You Love Dance?) but I fall deeper into the abyss each season and Season 8 is no exception.

Whether you prefer an Argentine tango, a sassy Broadway number, a heart-wrenching contemporary piece, the passion and aggression of hip-hop, or some jazz hands, you will be happier and better after watching. I can't get enough. Go getcha some.

The best of this season thus far...

Dance. Laugh. Eat. Enjoy.