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Why I Practice

I practice Yoga because like this glimmering water, I want what I reflect upon to be clear. I want to remain open to new perspectives.

I want to see fear as an opportunity and then have the guts to seize it.

I want to see my failures as reasons to try again, to keep getting better, not as a means to retreat or give up entirely.

I want to act with grace in the matters I can control and I want the wisdom to surrender what I cannot.

I want to feel empowered in my body, marvel and respect the vessel that gives me life.

I want to recognize the dream in living everyday life while being patient and passionate about the dreams of my future.

I want each breath to be fueled with enthusiasm and gratitude, not one taken for granted.

I want to love generously, without inhibition, every single day, beginning with myself.

All this wanting leaves dreams lying stagnant in my mind. So I practice. I do. I fall time and time again until one day, I AM.