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No matter how difficult the access or how high the cost, we will find a way to have sex and not have babies.Does that bother you? How much time do you spend worrying about how much sex someone else will be having? Kind of perverse, isn’t it? Those worrying about the sexual activities of others couldn’t be less sexual, less full of life and passion. Government is not sexy. Strict religion silences pleasure, self-discovery. Bummer. The 70 year old white man with a collar doesn’t believe I should have sex without intending to procreate. Hate to rebel, padre, but it’s with reckless abandon that I rip my clothes off tonight, with the lights on, just one of many enjoying the fruits of this wondrous existence. Nothing can stop this innate gift, not even your persistence. No amount of resistance. Or insistence. No foil or foe. No John or Jane Doe. No judgment. No punishment. Can strip away this liberty. This freeing ecstasy. After which, what’s left of me. Is the same. I carry no shame. No blame. It’s insane. To wax and to wane. Over my body. My pleasures. My pain. This is my business. Clean or dirty. In love or in anger. Known. Or a stranger. Safe. Or in danger. Loudly. Proudly. Shrouded in desire. Crowded with fire. Heat. Combustible. Chemistry. Lustable. From below. Or above. In hate. Or in love. Get out of my bedroom. Stop infecting. Resurrecting. Nonsense. Fear. Inducing guilt. Tears. Left cold and confused. Empty and abused. Segregated. Mind and body split. Heart and loins adrift. Only pieces remain. Hope down the drain. Because of ignorance. The arcane. Inane. Insane. Caustic. A stain. Get out. Silence yourself. Opinions shelved. Criticism delved. What’s left after it all? Death. Extinction. We all breathe. We all love. We all drink. We eat. We try. We learn. We die. Along the way to death. Enjoy the rest. Absorb the best. Laugh. Discover. Dance. Be entranced. Engulf. Remove. Let go of clothes. The cloak. Time to soak. And invoke. Follow your passion. Your bliss. Know yourself. Without presence. You miss. This. Here. Now. Be. Lover. Achiever. Believer. Receiver. Alive. Here to thrive. More than survive. I’m here. Now. As are you. To enjoy. Somehow. Together. Or apart. Let’s embark. Rev up. Start. Leave the rest behind. Let go. Let loose. Tie a noose. Around the naysayers. The fake players. The empty prayers. Say fuck it. And be you. Everyday anew. Relinquish. Laugh and play. Screw. For no one but you. All you have is Today. Flow and sway. Here. Away...