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When Someone Loves You

Love feels goodReally damn good And it’s easy I hate this perpetuating myth that love is hard Relationships take work Bullshit It feels like no effort at all to be kind to the ones I love In fact it feels better than anything else To encourage To uplift To give all of yourself Is the ultimate realization of our purpose on Earth To love And Be loved And Be Love There’s an ongoing addiction amongst many That clings to the need to fight To stir up trouble That soaks up drama like a dry sponge That needs constant reminders And validation How much do you love me? As if it could ever be quantified We forget that Love just is We complicate it By writing about it Stirring about it Asking about it Neglecting to realize the answer is always there Right behind the chest Behind the eyes Reveals the whole truth No disguise, no lies We simply must Be about it Mute all other noise Listen to the pure, still, silence within It speaks volumes But is often drown out By excessive sights and sounds Purchases and luxuries A rat race A salary chase A bad man’s embrace There are no answers echoed by the mouths of babes There exist no string of letters that eloquently point to the truth To knowing BEing Sincerely Seeing Not dreaming Or hoping Or doping Certainly not moping Living is close Thriving is better One takes the cake more than ever Just this Bliss Now Pulsing with all others And the universe It’s not about god Religion Superstition Hallucination It’s here In front of you Beating within you Loving the life you Are Over the one you Have Loving a smile A hug An out of the blue gesture of kindness Generosity Without currency An acceptance Among each individual Of themselves And others And an understanding That love is kind Honest Benevolent Giving And receiving Equally Without attachment Or expectation A contract can’t solidify it A ring holds no value This is dirty Raw Pure Open Trusting Trustworthy Respectful Humorous Considerate Understanding Cyclical But never repetitive Comfortable But never boring Caring But never controlling Real fucking Love Love it takes guts to follow Genuine self worth to know you deserve And an unrelenting tolerance of life’s waves of changes Flow Roll on Float above Fall in Love With you First The Planet second And whoever the fuck you want after And ever after From Now On It’s not difficult It really isn’t Nut up Shut up And be the badass you’re meant to be Love yourself So you’re not an ass to others Don’t smother Or ignore Wo(man) up And show up This ride ain’t shit without Love Real Love Timeless Effortless Endless Fuck all these words Delete them Now Move forward Knowing how It’s in you already Tune in Take the ride worth living Surrender within Enjoy every rise Learn from every fall Love will carry you Happily through it all