think-you-can1What is keeping you from believing, truly believing in the unique beauty you are?

Why are you not worthy of the same opportunities, abundance, health and happiness you admire in others and hope for yourself?

Why does it feel so far away, like a recipe with secret ingredients?

Why must tiny flickers of approval from others contribute to your perception of your own light?

Why does one negative comment or no comment at all replace ten positive ones? What kind of sense does this make?

How does the success or failure of others affect your trajectory? It doesn't!

Everything you experience outside of yourself is a direct refection and universal response to what you’re thinking, feeling and emanating inside. If you feel nervous, unease, confusion, there is likely an element of fear behind it. Fear of not being enough, not measuring or living up to some hypothetical standard that only truly exists in your mind.

You can allow your mind to spin webs of dramatic grandeur and believe the very words you yourself are conjuring in your mind, or you stop that voice with your intelligent awareness and change the conversation.

You are a beast. The amount of belief and love from others should fuel you into outer space. If you don't believe yet, believe for them, kick ass as a nod of gratitude to those who've encouraged and supported from the get go. Ultimately, approval or disapproval from others should not matter. It begins and ends with You.

There is no ladder, no recipe, no carefully crafted steps to the success you want. It constantly reveals itself through hard work and creative pursuits, through those moments of courage. There is no need to know exactly how, just that you can. One breath at a time, be your best, brightest self, without apology, positively, be You.

An affirmation that may help sink this in:

I will not ruin a great day because of fears of inadequacy and failure. The only person who cares if I fail is me. And guess what? Life goes on. There are great lessons and humility in falling down, in trying to rise back up, and to making mistakes along the way. And there’s no reason not to believe in my potential success and long-term progression either. This all comes down to believing I'm lovable and actually finding that soft spot for myself. Stop seeing everything you’re not, listen to what you tell your loved ones and open your eyes to all that you are! I AM so much! I AM more than enough! I have so much! I can start each day with a high base level for happiness and contentment and then be thrilled for the experience of living and learning and loving from there. Do it. Be it. Believe it.

If you are smiling, beaming joy from the inside out, it couldn't matter less what you weigh, who you're wearing, how old you are, where you're from or what you do. You are beauty trapped in the thrill of being alive. Don't let anyone stop you, berate you or negate you. Be You!

Sunset Warrior 3

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