It occurred to me, while completely engulfed in wonder staring at the magnificent and unreal beauty that is the Pacific Ocean, how little human beings spend time in awe. We may find little caveats of awesome, easily brushing them to the side to make room for the next, but rarely are we in a place of awe. I think we should change that.

It struck me how this sensation is often attached to novelty, to an experience brand new. And we are so infrequently in that raw, observant state, full attention and alert focus on our present surroundings and circumstances. We shift and mosey through life as if we've seen it all before, saving those extra scraps of income to buy our way into something new, an original experience to stimulate the senses.

But where's the joy in Now?

Surely life must contain some excitement, some meaning for us to go on, day in and day out, like our health depended on it. We drive the same paths and execute the same routines in an effort to simplify, to de-stress. The only problem here is we've become robots, conditioned, repetitive beings. We can pay a nod of respect for the consistency but our hearts, minds, bodies and souls need a kick of enthusiasm, and same old same old just wont cut it.

The truth is there is tremendous radiance in all things, in every aspect of life. Even within patterns. We merely need to be in the right place and space to truly witness it. Nothing needs to be bought or acquired, no accomplishment or step to success be completed. We are already enough, life is a gift just waiting to be unwrapped. Give yourself the gift and open up to the present.