I know nothingBut a speck A whisper with no echo A breeze But not a gust A brick Without the mortar An ingredient Without a dish I see everything From a microscopic lens And yet I’m so certain My truth is the one that matters How could anyone feel otherwise It’s not as if they’re built with unique eyes We share the same sky The same blues and grays Similar life out their door We walk the same pavement Wish for the same dream To awaken and realize We are immortal Those same fears we each denied Those saline tears we cried Were all for not Soon to be forgot They’ll be written away Set aside like a stray That one day We’ll all wake up Seeing through a sharpened lens Breathing oxygen Absorbing information Except now we see What we ignored and dismissed This eternity This bliss Is at our fingertips Die each day So you can live And view From a lens only you can sharpen And know this truth That which connects me Also connects you We are at once specific Alone And infinitely linked As one What I know is nothing I’ve only just begun