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It is my choice to be happy or sadExternality should make no difference Over time discontent poisons the soul And the gut Until what? Happiness does not come via circumstance There is no catalyst No happy ending There is Now Or never Awaken immediately Or else suffer There is no list to check off No wrongs to right The choice is in front of us A moment's decision Forgive, let go Before anyone else The first and last say is You Permission granted All views slanted In this direction All arrows aimed with vigor Right at your center Asking if now is a good time Knowing there is no other Decide Make a statement I Am Okay I Am Blissed Ecstatic Right Fucking Now The past is over No more memories a blur I am awake Aware So are you Look Listen Absorb But don't label Let go of descriptions Prescriptions Analysis Interpretation One station Or another Let go Just be Clean slate Brand new You're You I am me Whoever we want to be Let's just Be Choose