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Ive-Made-It-Point If the energy in and around Los Angeles had a name, it would be ‘Making it.’ Separate from the fast-paced, competitive energy of New York City, LA’s tone surrounds recognition and validation. Most arrive here with a dream, big goals they’re intent on pursuing right away. It feels as if few come to this city to live, they’re here temporarily to dream awake.

You may’ve read the above paragraph and inferred a tone that is cynical or, perhaps, negative. On the contrary, what began as a somewhat startling observation has evolved into an inspiring and highly motivating environment. Sure, there are your typical jaded folks who’ve struggled to ‘make it’ all to no avail, those bitter with the taste of failure and defeat.

More, though, echo the frequency of taking risks that make them come alive. They’ve come to LA, specifically, to see if they can transcend the monumental challenge of standing out in a crowd of millions, so that they, too, can live a dream only dozens have achieved. It’s noble, actually, I’m quite enamored and even befuddled by the many bright lights I see shining in a sea of others.

These artists aren’t thwarted by the stark reality of success rates in this city, by the fact that they’re surrounded by exceedingly talented and beautiful people, or by the multiple rejections and No’s they’ve heard thus far. They’ve managed to keep a truth in their hearts many of us soon forget: we’ve already made it.

There’s no need to feel bogged down, stripped of energy, drained of passion because we’ve yet to reach a destination we cannot even clearly see. When we begin from the place of “I’ve already made it,” the highs and lows are accepted with ease. Sure, we’re thrilled when an opportunity comes our way, and disappointed when another falls through. But we understand this is all part of the process, part of the fun, and ultimately, part of being human.

Starting each day from this happy, grateful place allows us to be more resilient when the bad days roll through, and even more joyful when the good days come our way. We understand innately that life is full of constant, unpredictable change. We, then, appreciate those few aspects of life that we can control: our breath, our smiles, our attitudes.

The old cliché, “it’s the journey, not the destination,” rings truer and truer the more life goes on. When we’re living our passion, doing what we love, each day births something new. And because so much of the dreaming process evolves in new directions each day, the end game does as well. Less intent on arriving to that mystical place we imagine full of riches and success, we instead spend our energy on making brand new memories each day, with the goal of contributing something positive Now, not simply creating opportunities somewhere down the line.

We’ve already arrived. This is something I remind my students of often; each time they take a moment to breathe and tune in, they remember that this moment is a pivotal step in their manifestation. We have power and control in what we create each day, so the adventure in making it is a path we’ve never seen walked before, and it is our gift to unwrap a new trek each day.

It’s simultaneously terrifying and empowering to realize we hold the power to our bliss. We have a direct and monumental impact on our future. And our future depends so strongly on how we view ourselves and how we act each day. Very few of us are handed our wildest dreams on a silver platter, an opportunity arriving without us even blinking an eye.

It takes work, real, genuine effort and belief to churn the energy of progress, to feel that we are, indeed, “making it.” Begin today realizing you’ve already won, and then move fearlessly into the unknown and carve a unique path that winds and curves how you see fit. The path of others is none of your business. Get inspired, learn from them, sure, but remember no one can create a masterpiece for you. It must be authentic and real to you, otherwise it won’t satisfy for long and it won’t feel as sweet.

You deserve to grow your life on your terms. “Making it” means something special to us all. Decide you’ve made it and keep making something extraordinary with your life each day. What you create in a month, year and decade will astound you. You don’t have to know where you’re going, just see where you want to Be and how you want to feel, and create smalls steps to a bigger movement from there.


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