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Bitch is the new black. And black is back.

I’m going to go against my previous regime and decided to bore you with a forceful recommendation of the funniest movie I’ve seen in many years, let alone this mediocre one (for movies, not for me, I’m having a great 2011!). This movie is widely acclaimed by critics, is continuing to kick ass at the box office, despite hunky opponents like Thor and whatever Will Ferrell decided to distribute this week, and has the most talented cast since Inception, without all the mind confusion. If you haven’t figured it out yet, please read something else. Duh, Bridesmaids! Jesus this movie is damn funny. I just saw it on Monday, after a delicious lunch (dim sum to be reviewed soon). I usually like to visit the cinema before noon, as the tickets are only $6, and I love saving 5 bucks and then putting it toward food later. But not on Monday. I knew Bridesmaids deserved my full $11.50 (that’s right suburbanites, the movies cost $11.50 when you live somewhere awesome! Bit of a drag but worth it.). So I ponied up my hard-earned dough, scored a bucket of popcorn from Garrets, not the crappy kind from the movie theatre, and settled in to give my abdominals and cheeks (facial, not gluteal) the work-out they’d been craving.

I’d be remiss if I did not mention the cavalcade of press surrounding this film and the gender heavy commentary. It’s so old news. It’s as if no one even remembers Gilda Radner or Lucille Ball. Or Ellen Degeneres and every other brilliant comic and sketch artist that has graced us with their talent since the mid 20th century. And that was when women weren’t even allowed to work, let alone would people ever admit they were funny. But they were, god dammit. And in similar ways to men, being physical and silly, and in new slinky feminine ways. They were a total comedic package, and the public begrudgingly laughed along.

Now its 2011. And much to the chagrin of some seriously backasswards folks, we have not only an African American (proven by a long form birth certificate) president, lady Secretary of State and other important, powerful rolls, but we’ve also been privy to a decade of uniquely funny, strong people, men and women. In real life most people are boring, semi-educated, broadly funny, and in general uninspiring. Both sexes. Not just women. Not just men. Everyone.

Tina Fey was the head-writer on SNL for years, now garnering tremendous success on her hilarious TV show (please stop watching How I Met Your Mother and watch something actually funny like 30 Rock), wrote the very funny Mean Girls, starred in one of my personal favorites from 2008, Baby Mama, and currently released her memoir Bossypants, which I enjoyed immensely. And during her reign at SNL she nourished and fostered the talents of many people, but really paved the way for Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolf, Amy Pohler, and Rachel Dratch to not only shine, but, sorry to say it, kick the men’s asses. Big time.

Kristen, the star of Bridesmaids, has proven her comedic and acting chops not only as a variety of repeat characters on SNL, but also in supporting rolls in great films like Adventureland, Ghost Town, MacGruber, and the recent release Paul. You may also remember her as the mean-spirited but wickedly funny co-worker of Katherine Heigl’s in Knocked Up. She stood out to many in that role, then garnered additional attention at SNL and her career really started to bloom. She’s a genuine talent, and although she is leggy and attractive, she always serves comedy first, is not afraid to look or sound stupid, and her humorous confidence makes her even more attractive. Her, Tina and Amy’s success is proving a great trend in our society, so the talk of this movie being a “chick flick” or some sort of “comedy for women” is insulting and just plain stupid. Women are funny. Get over it.

I genuinely laugh at men and women's very apparent shortcomings. Some of my favorite comedians will blatantly make fun of women and how they’re inferior to men. I personally don’t enjoy the WNBA either and I’m fine with that. I don’t take it that seriously, otherwise I’d be offended 97% of the time. Comedians like Daniel Tosh are making these jokes in irony, not sincerity, and hopefully most are smart enough recognize that. But the general question of whether women are funny is a bit tired and I think the question has been answered. Many times over. Many years ago.

Off the soap box and on to the movie. My intention here was to express my feelings on this bullshit debate and rhetoric and to implore you to see this film. There’s nothing I can write about the movie, the plot, the characters, or any other detail that you can’t find in another review out there. The important thing to know is this movie is a comedy, for everyone, not just women. Yes the cast is mostly composed of women, like most comedies have been with men up to this point, but it’s not geared to any specific audience. Just one with a sense of humor. Me and my big hunk of man love went together and we both laughed til our cheeks (facial) hurt. Each of the bridesmaids could lead their own movie or show, they all contribute valuably both in character and in humor. Kristen is the star here, though, and she deserves to be. She remains likable despite some major flaws and breakdowns. And holy hell in a hand basket is she fricken funny.

Big ups to Jon Hamm, my current #1 crush after watching not only his brilliance in Mad Men, his sexy assholiness in the Town, and a secret dream I had, but more so for his foray into comedy. He’s delivered above average performances twice on SNL, had a uber funny re-occurring guest role on 30 Rock, and his performance here is uncanny and disturbingly funny. He plays an asshole we’ve all either dated, wanted to date, or watched a friend stupidly date. Not much else needs to be said, but the 19 year old in me wants him in this movie; it brings me back to a sad time when sexy was enough and substance went by the waste-side. I think most men know exactly what I mean. Ha. Ya burnt!

As Tina Fey so eloquently stated during her appearance on SNL’s Weekend Update back in early 2008, “Bitch is the new Black!” And black is back people, like it or not. Just surrender and enjoy it.

Also, movies like Something Borrowed and He's Just Not That Into You and other formulaic RomComs are awful. If those are chick flicks, fine. They're deplorable and should be shipped to GITMO to torture terrorists. Shouldn't need to be mentioned but that's another reason this movie is so great. It projects people as they are, raunchy, confused, funny, with sometimes challenging bowel movements. The following clip is one of the trailers you may have seen. The beauty of this is there are many funny moments but most are not in the film, so all you "i'm afraid all the funny parts are in the previews" people can rest easy. It's all funny.

I love men. I love women. Most are blah. Some are special. Some are funny. Watch some of them be funny in Bridesmaids. Enjoy.