The past few months have been a massive transition, and an overall shedding of my old patterns and cynicisms, a mourning of the loss of my old life coupled with the embracing of a new one. I like metaphors, so I shed a huge chunk of hair and now feel light, open and ready to navigate yet another big change.Life is inherently unpredictable and chaotic. We do our best at the time, hopefully learn, and then adapt to change with confidence. I've never been afraid to change my mind or try something new. But I have been afraid to fully embrace myself from the inside out, to shine my light as bright as I know I can, out of some stark fear of rejection or failure. No more.With the release of some hair I also release any inner uncertainties, any fear of success or failure, and any question as to the purity of my own heart. My nature is good, my essence is whole. I ride into the future confident in this basic fact.Life is taking my tiny tribe back to the west coast. Work and passion projects are abundant in California, not to mention mountains and ocean. It's been imperative to transition into motherhood here in Chicago, with the ease of living and circle of loved ones surrounding me. But growing our tribe's abundance and opportunities has taken a priority, and we are excited to be patient and make a true home in Southern California. I'm so grateful for the h(OM)e Chicago will always be and I'm excited for the challenges and potential out west.Lots of love to all you beautiful yogis. I hope this fabulous planet keeps us connected.