Please excuse any potty language below:) You can be rich Perhaps you're poor Fact of the matter is We all poop We all cry We excrete A cavalcade of weird things We share the same pleasures And plights We're not objects We're beings Who cares what your job title is Of what importance is your income Our hearts beat just the same High status No status We're all the same No matter your name You deserve respect Love A Chance A best friend To be heard And encouraged Because we all poop We share common fears Of embarrassment Failure Being misunderstood Unloved Rejected Unseen There is more uniting us Than dividing us Let's connect And recollect All the ways we can love And support Knowing we're all the same deep down Gives us wings to fly high No better And no worse We're already peacocks So let's smile Be bright And bold Let our freaky feathers fan out And welcome love in To dismiss our uniqueness Or disrespect another's Would be a damn sin Let go Soar You're already a peacock What are you waiting for?