I wonder whenI wonder when I might stop and suspend The feeling that I am not whole from within That the more I might balance and bend The closer I'll get to that oh so sweet end But the end has already arrived and informed The sensation that I must each day be reborn To an abyss of love no longer new But old and refurbished, hidden from view I wonder when

20131203-135755.jpg I had a moment of wonder the other day and those few lines spilled from my heart. It's a silly rhyme but it continues to speak to me. And I thought it may speak to you as well.

My aim is to share enthusiasm and wonder with others, to stimulate curiosity and inspire more joy in everyday being. This world can be frustrating, nonsensical, overwhelming, and plain exhausting. But hot damn can it be magnificent too. I hope my words and actions give you a boost on a hard day, or maybe help you see a little light at the end of what might be the darkest tunnel.