Warning: If you are my father, grandparent or one who is uncomfortable with sex...DO NOT READ FURTHER. I write this with love:) Category_Lust

Why ignore biology Stifle intimacy Fear Of what Unbridled ecstasy Reality meets fantasy A language of love and lust Leaves you hanging in the dust Stripped away Left to decay Why fuck tomorrow When you can fuck today Sex is a must Move or you’ll rust Yield and adjust Feel and thrust Let go Be free You can renew Just be In the moment Out in the open Don’t be afraid Just get laid It’s not a game You can’t win You won’t lose Just choose To fuck Say so what Let’s rumble And tumble Get in trouble Fumble Draw it in Breathe it out No reason No doubt No order No rhyme Here and Now Fuck time No thinking No stressing No guessing Just in it Sin it Win it Let’s get into it Together Intertwined Sublime