Only Love will save.Not flowers. Not praise. Not shiny things. Not accolades. Only Love. Real Love. The love that you Are first. The Love that you Have second. Only Love can be perceived without being seen, heard, smelled, tasted or even touched. Love is known, understood, beyond the limited meaning behind words. Love is not a noun, adjective or verb. It is not something you do. It is something you emanate from your being. Like the North Star, Love intelligently guides you in the right direction. Love has no time for time. Like energy, Love cannot be created or destroyed. Love can only be. Make choices only from Love. You can react from fear or respond from Love. Only Love penetrates your highest intelligence. Allow yourself to believe only in Love. Trust only in Love. Invest only in Love. Define yourself only by Love. Attach yourself only to Love. Give only Love. Absorb only Love. Fixate only on Love. Pursue only Love. Celebrate only Love. Be uplifted only by Love. Be inspired only by Love. Walk down paths only lit by Love. Achieve goals sought only by Love. Only Love can propel you forward. While fear holds you hostage, glued to your place. Only Love carries the side effects of courage, patience and tenacity. Love is living life in ecstasy. Only from Love do you radiate joy. Only through Love is your truth revealed. Only in Love is genuine happiness felt. Only in Love does compassion arise. Only in Love does anxiety subside. Only in Love does bliss arrive. Only in Love can you truly thrive. And only in Love can you be fully alive. Choose, use and exude only Love.

Danielle Robinson Yoga teacher/ Writer You, Me and Yoga Makes 3 on Facebook Follow: @mastic8onthis on Twitter