You were birthed not to absorb the emotional debt of your parents.Their dreams. Their mistakes. Their opinions. You emerged not to retreat back to where you once came. Your fears. Your lessons. Your truths. You are granted breath not to hold it hostage beneath your heart. Your air. Somehow separate. Now belonging to you. You awaken each day with a pulse, a rhythm with which to live your life. Your beat. Your stir. Your drum. You march to it, ignoring the deafening reverberations of others. Their stomp. Their sync. Their song. You submerge in it, forgetting. Your light. Your lyric. Your love. You find your path again. Your way. Your trail. Your hum. You see others on your way. Their successes. Their struggles. Their psalm. You let go of it all. Your past. Your failures. Your brawl. You hear yourself in their strum. Your uniqueness. Your sameness. Your all. You accept what is, the whole. Your goodness. Their connectedness. Oneness. You’re All.